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As you create a strategy for social media advocacy, organizational tools like a content calendar are essential. A social media content calendar allows you to plan how often you will post, on which platforms, and what type of content you will share daily. A content calendar is key to keeping track of your social media posts to ensure you’re posting a wide variety of content, including videos, polls, live streaming, and graphics to engage your audience.

This free, fully customizable social media advocacy content calendar template lets you create a thoughtful strategy and a winning social media advocacy campaign.

  • Easy to use spreadsheet format for Google Sheets or Excel
  • Weekly and daily templates available
  • Quickly add send times, content type, topic, social post copy, and more and see everything in one place
  • Fully customizable template can be configured to meet your organization’s needs

Fill out the form to the right to download your copy of our social media content calendar and start refining your strategy to reach your social media advocacy goals and stay on top of your online presence!