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Don’t be discouraged by a small advocacy budget or a lean team — you can still have a major impact with the right strategy and tools. Even the smallest advocacy teams can effectively monitor issues, engage stakeholders, and rally supporters to achieve advocacy goals.

If you’re operating with a small advocacy team, you’re not alone: 58 percent of government affairs and advocacy professionals on teams of just 1-3 people, according to a recent FiscalNote Industry report, so the challenges small teams and single-state associations face are common to many advocacy professionals. 

While it may seem daunting to assemble a database of advocates and coordinate mobilization efforts, there are solutions that can simplify the process and deliver results. Next time you’re fighting or pushing legislation or regulation, you can empower your members and organization with the benefits of a single solution, developed by advocacy experts, that saves you time, gets you results, and makes the government relations, public affairs, or communications department look like heroes — no matter your size.

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