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Effectively planning and executing a fly-in is no small feat — and it’s even more challenging to hold a lobby day that makes a genuine impact on supporters, members, clients, and lawmakers.

Watch our webinar recording where fly-in pros will discuss seven mistakes to avoid and how to overcome the biggest fly-in challenges. You’ll learn creative ways to take your fly-in to the next level and how to integrate cutting-edge tools and trends with your existing advocacy efforts.

Experts will discuss:

  • Mistakes to avoid when planning and executing your next fly-in
  • Best practices for maximizing your fly-in impact
  • Tools and techniques to help you amplify the outcome of your event


  • Mike Fulton, Public Affairs and Advocacy, The Asher Agency
  • Stephanie Vance, Managing Partner, Advocacy Associates
  • David Lusk, Founder, Key Advocacy
  • Moderated by Joshua Habursky, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist, Premium Cigar Association