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Have you ever wondered if your grassroots advocacy strategy has the power to truly influence policy decisions in Congress? Want to make sure your well-crafted messages have the most impact on your lawmaker’s inbox? 

New research from Fireside reveals insights that can help you do just that. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Columbia University analyzed over 1.6 million constituent communications to decode what district-level correspondence data can teach us about advocates and lawmakers. 

Watch our recorded webinar with one of the expert public opinion researchers who conducted this report to learn more about their findings and gain actionable insights to shape your advocacy strategy and relationships with legislators going into an election year. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Who most effectively reaches Congress and what characteristics they share
  • The major influencers driving the conversation and how the bias operates
  • Insights into the relationship between media coverage and the issues constituents write about
  • Tactics to ensure your advocacy campaigns resonate with the topics your constituents care about the most — in a busy election year 

Watch now to unlock the power of your advocacy efforts. Uncover impactful strategies to optimize your advocacy campaigns, ensuring your messages cut through the noise and truly influence policy decisions. 


  • David Broockman, associate professor at UC Berkeley, is known for his research on political polarization, persuasion, and prejudice reduction. He attended Yale University and obtained his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. Beginning his academic career at Stanford University, Broockman has been recognized for his extensive research in political science, earning numerous awards and public attention.
  • Kristin St. John, senior manager of coalition and advocacy campaigns at McKesson, has over 17 years of experience engaging and mobilizing advocates. In her current role, Kristin focuses on bringing the patient-advocate perspective to the table while working with the federal and state affairs teams on a wide range of legislation and coalitions focusing on access to healthcare and health equity. In her former position as deputy director of national grassroots advocacy for the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), Kristin was responsible for planning, implementing, and coordinating training and communications tools to expand NACHC’s Grassroots Advocacy Network and increase the impact of health center advocacy.
  • Moderated by Nick Consler, general manager of advocacy and constituent services at FiscalNote. Nick oversees product strategy, operations, and growth for the line of business which incorporates the industry-leading Fireside and VoterVoice products. He brings ten years of experience specializing in SaaS tools geared towards connecting people and organizations to government. Before joining Fireside, Nick served as an aide on Capitol Hill where he cultivated a wealth of knowledge regarding constituent services and the legislative process. Nick holds a BA in Political Science with a concentration in American Government from The Catholic University of America.