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If you work in a small advocacy team (or if you alone are the team), having the budget or personnel needed to get it all done is often a luxury you can only dream of — and a looming economic downturn only magnifies the problem. But with 58 percent of government affairs and advocacy professionals on teams of just 1-3 people, according to a recent FiscalNote Industry report, the challenges small teams and single-state associations face are common to a large number of advocacy professionals.

Yet, the size of your budget or team doesn’t have to equal the size of your impact. Even the smallest advocacy teams can monitor issues, manage stakeholders, and rally supporters on par with the biggest players, as long as you have the right strategy and tools. So how do small teams + small budgets = big advocacy results?

Watch our recorded webinar to figure out the math and learn how to maximize your advocacy results with limited resources. In partnership with The Advocacy Association, our expert panel will discuss strategies for building a successful team, working with limited budgets, and leveraging technology to reach your goals.

Experts will discuss:

  • Practical tips to streamline your processes and maximize impact
  • Best practices and strategies to make the most out of your team’s resources
  • Ideas for “stealing” from other departments’ budgets and increasing collaboration
  • Creative strategies for expanding your team without hiring
  • How to advance your organization’s advocacy goals, no matter your budget