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Whether it’s a Supreme Court decision, a natural disaster, or a book ban, advocacy groups must pivot on a dime to rally supporters and gain support for their issues. In a fast-paced and unpredictable policy landscape, organizations need to be prepared to handle unexpected crises that impact their operations.

With many headlines competing for attention and new priorities popping up all the time, it can be particularly challenging for small teams and single-state organizations to keep up. That’s why having a crisis management strategy in place can help navigate sudden upheavals gracefully.

Watch our recorded webinar in partnership with The Advocacy Association, where our panel will share insights on creating a strategy for managing uncertainty and effectively responding to unforeseen developments. Their real-world examples and practical tips will help you and your team prepare for whatever happens next.

Experts will discuss:

  • Creating a proactive strategy to seize opportunities and mitigate negative impacts
  • How to rally supporters and mobilize resources during a crisis
  • Timely examples from recent headlines to help you navigate the current landscape


  • Kate Tremont, Director of Community Advocacy, Razom For Ukraine
  • Sue Zoldak, Founder & Owner, The Zoldak Agency
  • Susan Lagana, Principal, Invariant
  • Moderated by Sherry Whitworth, Managing Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy, FiscalNote