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Advocacy during an election year is perhaps more urgent, challenging, and vital than ever. Amid the polarized politics of Congress, activists and advocates will be busy down to the wire to have their issues heard and get supporters to the polls.

As we hurtle toward Election Day just months away, this is the time to refine your Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) plan, prepare for possible election and policy outcomes, and ensure your voices are heard in Congress and statehouses above a noisy news cycle.

Watch our recorded webinar to shore up your strategy for 2024. Advocacy experts share how to focus your efforts and get the maximum engagement from your supporters this year.

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices to communicate your GOTV campaign 
  • Tips for seizing opportunities and navigating challenges that surface during an election year
  • How to prepare for potential election outcomes
  • The most useful tools, technologies, and strategies to assist your advocacy efforts in 2024


  • Kodiak Hill-Davis, SVP of Government Affairs, Niskanen Center
  • Melissa Horn, Director of State Legislative Affairs, Arthritis Foundation
  • Rob Burgess, Chief Strategist, Connector Labs
  • Brent Buchanan, President & Founder, Cygnal
  • Moderated by Lydia Stowe, Senior Manager of Content Marketing, FiscalNote