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As the oldest members of Gen Z turn 26 this year, this group of young people is becoming an increasingly more prominent part of the voting and advocacy landscape. With the first Gen Z member of Congress elected in 2023, it’s clear advocacy organizations must adapt their communications strategies to engage a younger audience. However, people are also living longer today than they did in the past, so it remains crucial to continue engaging with older generations.

In a diverse and interconnected world, creating a lasting impact through advocacy requires innovative and strategic approaches, now with multi-generational appeal. How can you craft compelling messages that resonate across generational boundaries and foster collaboration between age groups?

Watch our recorded webinar where advocacy professionals share techniques, insights, and best practices for how to engage people of all ages in your advocacy efforts.

Panelists discussed:

  • Insights into the values, communication preferences, and engagement triggers of various generations
  • Strategies to tailor your advocacy initiatives to connect with different age groups effectively
  • Innovative ways to leverage digital platforms to amplify your advocacy efforts
  • How to encourage collaboration between generations to ensure the sustainability of your advocacy campaigns


  • Shana Glickfield, Partner, Beekeeper Group
  • Quardricos Driskell, Director of Government Relations, The Health Management Academy
  • Reed Howard, Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs, Millennial Action Project
  • Moderated by Sherry Whitworth, Managing Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, FiscalNote