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The average worker receives over 100 emails per day — not to mention tons of text messages. So how can your organization grab the attention of someone who’s already wading through an overflowing inbox?

FiscalNote’s data science team analyzed 550 million emails sent from VoterVoice to build our 2023 Advocacy Benchmark Report, so we know a thing or two about successful email advocacy campaigns. In fact, email campaigns are the #1 way that organizations find success using VoterVoice. That’s why we’re constantly working to leverage AI and data science to improve your advocacy results and help you bring your communications strategy to the next level in 2024.

Access to the right data can help you be more strategic, efficient, and effective. Whether you’re seeking to increase your base of supporters, amplify your message, or influence policy, VoterVoice gives you the tools to achieve your goals. Data drives everything from helping you compose messages and increase open rates to delivering powerful insights when you’re reporting on results.

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