Track progressTrack campaign progress with real-time activity reports.

As your supporters respond on issues, you can view their progress immediately. For advocacy campaigns, view data on who sent messages, to which officials, how many messages they sent, at what time, and the content of the messages. For email broadcasts, view data on opened rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes, and response rates. Our reporting breaks down the information you need in a variety of ways to provide detailed, easy to read, actionable data.

See the Big Picture

VoterVoice’s Dashboard provides a quick overview of recent supporter activity on all of your efforts.

Respond Quickly

Easily send reminder emails to only supporters who haven’t taken action yet, without bothering those who have. As your issue progresses, you can easily edit your targets and resend to everyone again or only to the supporters you specify.

Visualize Your Supporters

Interactive legislative maps for the local, state, and federal level allow you to quickly and easily see where your advocates are sending from, where you have the most supporters, and where you have gaps.


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